Quba tour

Quba tour

Quba Guba (Quba) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Azerbaijan, which its untouched of the citynatuer attracts many tourists every year. In this city, located on the northeast slopes of Shahdag, three different group of people with different culture live in there togethe: Azeri (northeastern parts of the city), Tat (southern parts) and Lazgi (northwest of the city) Azarbaijan has beautiful villages that are famous throughout Azerbaijan.

Quba tour

One of these villages is called the Khinali Tourist Village, which is famous for carpet weaving, so that all people of the village are familiar with this art. If you are going to Goba tour, be whit Galaxy Travel to introduce you the tourism attractions center of Goba.

Quba Tourism Attractions

The beautiful green nature, the beautiful jungles and the high mountains that are part of the Caucasus mountain range are very spectacular, so that many tourists enjoy Quba tour Azerbaijan every year with this beautiful nature. The Kudyal River is also a spectacular waterfall on the Guba Tour that we suggest that don’t miss to visit and take a photo of it. and you never forget any of your time that you will spend there.

Among the attractions of historic tourism center of Guba, we should mention the mosque of Juma. The mosque built in the 19th century, and the usage of red bricks in the mosque architecture, has doubled its beauty.

Quba tour

Another mosque, which is one of the historical tourism centers of the city of Guba, is the Sakineh Khatoon mosque. The facade of this mosque, built in 1854, is similar to the mosque of Juma with red bricks.

Another tourism attraction is Sukawa, a tourist village called Khinalig, with its height above the sea level is over 2000 meters.

Quba tour

This village is one of the anothrer sections which is visited by Gubaand Khinalug tour tourists. The location of the village in the mountains at an altitude of over 2,000 meters makes it possiblethe tempeure of the weather in the winter gets to 30 degrees Celsius.

Quba tour

This old village is aiso called “island among the mountains” because the village is surrounded by mountains: likes Gizil Gaya, Shahdag, Tufandag and Khinalug. And also we can mention the others historic sites of the village such as: the tomb of Khidir Nebi, mosques of Sheikh Shalbuz and Abu Muslim, ancient cemeteries as well as holy caves of early humans.

Chevrolet Bath (Jude): The exterior of this old bath is in the form of a beehive The large dome constructed in the architecture of this bathroom makes it possible to keep the moisture and heat in the bathroom. The bathroom was provided with water from the well below the bathtub or city water pipes. It is interesting to know that the famous writer Alexander Dumas, during his stay in the city of Quba, has experienced the use of quadrice baths, and even writes about the nature of the beautiful and pristine nature ofits in his writing. The people of Goba used this bath until 1985, but nowadays this bath can not be used.

Quba tour

The Abbasgulu Bakikhanov House: The bridge is one of the seven buildings built in the city of Quba in the 17th and 19th centuries. This old bridge has recently been rebuilt by the Azerbaijani government and is protected as an architectural monument and hosts Quba Aazerbaijan tourism.

Qoba mass grave: The mass grave was discovered in a stadium in Guba in April 2007 when they want to buid this stadum. The exact source is not due to this death, but Azerbaijani sources claim that the mass grave was in April 1918 and the massacre was carried out by Armenians. When the cemetery was discovered, the research team was sent to the place and the results indicated that people were thrown at a depth of 2.5 to 5 meters after being executed. Reports indicate that the bodies belonged to both military and civilian people, and women and children.

Transportation in Quba

Transportation and transfer to the city of Quba through the Baku International Terminal. Buses begin their journey every morning at 8 o’clock. Of course, this does not mean that the terminal is only busy at 8am to the Guba bus. At other times of the day, you can also take a trip to Guba. In Baku there is a section called Shamakhinka area, which is special for drivers who regularly transfer passengers from Baku to Guba.
If you need to travel and explore around the city, you should be comfortable, because there are taxis, buses and minibuses to go to the villages and towns of Ghoba.

Quba’s foods

Quba tour

At least once you have tasted Quba foods in the city of Quba. Among the famous food of the city Quba tıxması, spicy kebab, sacçaq Quba baklava and tandir kebab are well known.

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