Old city in baku

Old city in baku

Old city in Baku has historical fabric and they called it (lçeri şheher) and also castle and it’s an tourism attraction in Baku. we suggest that you program to see Içeri śheher in your Baku tour. Be with Galaxy travel to know more about this tourism attraction center in Baku.

Old city in baku

This part of Baku is antiquity and turns to paleolithic era. this city contains different civilization and culture such as: Iranian, ottoman, Russian, Zoroastrian Arabic and Sassanian.

Içeri şheher with its castles are symbol of patriotism for Baku ‘s people. the city ‘s architect shows that this city is completely defensive city with meanders allies. when the tall walls of city and soldier weren’t able to stand against enemy people came to help to soldier and meanders and narrow allies caused enemies soldier get lost in the city and people attack them by stone and pour them hot water and they defeated the enemy.

Içeri şheher has more than a hundred monuments in more than 22,5 hectare which we can mention (cheshmeh mahaleh) and history places like Maiden tower and Shirvan shah palace.

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Old city in baku

History of Içeri şheher

History of this city turns to 19 century and industrial revolution after that Baku has changed so rapidly and now it has outstanding improvement that makes this city tow part: suburb and urban

Which in the suburb there are about 1300 population.

Mohammed mosque in old city of Baku

Old city in baku

The history of this mosque turns to ancient Islamic when first Shirvan shah Fariborz was king and the architecture was Mohammad ebne Abobacr. we should say that a judge ordered to build this mosque in that time a person who called judge was in charge for solving problems and tell people words to king

How to go to the old city or Içeri şheher?

If you are Baku tour tourism and you want to go and see this city you don’t need an address because this city is very famous and we’ll know to everyone so when you tell the name of city every one can take you there.you can go there from 8am to10pm. you can go there by taxi or subway.

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