MARTYRS’ LANE is one of the important street for Azerbaijan street and every year a thousand of people to honor of the martyrs gather in this street and also people decorated the street to Show the respect to them.


If you programmed to see this street in the Baku tour you will see that the importance of this street back to its history and past. Early of 1990 decade Baku was passing riot days and terrible crush again independence movements and that days many people were killed by Soviet army after that slaughter to honor of that 15000 Azerbaijan ‘s hero in January this street named MARTYRS’ LANE .

In the MARTYRS’ LANE the grave stones are in the row and street’s walls are covered by marble and also when you are strolling among the grave stones you will see some British military ‘s grave stones who were killed at the late or world War I.

The history of this street Says that it was a grave yard but when Bolsheviks get the control of the country they destroyed
the grave yard and turn it in the amusement park named (Sergei Kirov) who was Bolshevik ‘s leader and there was an statue of him in the park

After Soviet ‘s Falling people destroyed the statue and turned there to grave yard again.
The oldest grave stones are related to the black January of1990 in the Baku. according to numbers amount 15000 of them are martyrdom in the Qarabaq war(1944_1988)and1130 Turkish soldier in Baku War against Bolshevik and Armenian army in1918.

The access to the MARTYRS’ LANE

This street is a hill based in the south of Baku and has a great view to Caspian sea and the gulf of Baku and Baku flame tower. you can be there very easy by walking and enjoy being there.

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