Maiden tower-Baku

Maiden tower-Baku

Maiden tower that Azerbaijan people call it Qiz Qalasi is one of the tourism Center in Baku Tour.

It ‘s a monument in the center of Baku which is recorded in Unesco world heritage list.In Sassanian era Zoroastrian built this place for their celebrations and pray Anahita goodness in there.
And also they light Fire top of the maiden tower and celebrate the tradition new year.we should mention that the history importance of this Tower caused they print Maiden Tower on the money and Stamp.

When you say Top of the Maiden Tower you feel Caspian sea Whit a great view of Baku City and its tourism Center and coastal BLV is under your feet.

Maiden tower-Baku

The architecture of Maiden Tower

Before every thing we should say that based on researches in the1962,1963 year this monument is built on a stone in the sea shore. and also some body believes that this area and this Tower is discovered at Paleolithic era.

The tower is built in two steps: First step in5,6 century, second step in12century. It’s interesting to know that although this monument in built in12century but its an anti_earthquake building and its14m is under the ground. Now let’s talk about Maiden Tower architecture.

Maiden tower-Baku

The wonderful architecture of the Maiden Tower is controversial issue and made it one of the most beautiful and special tourism Center in the Baku. the building is made from Stone and it has space for 200 people. East side of Tower has a great view to sky and as said this part was used for astrological and astronomical. The research shows that there is a well in the Tower too although the tower is near to the sea but the water of the well is provided by the rain and it’s pure and Clean water that is transferred to 7 floors by plumbing.

Named history of the Maiden Tower

Maiden tower-Baku

There are different stories about the name of Tower but all of them are related to a princess.For example some body believes that a princess fall herself down the building because his dad wants to force her to marry with some one she doesn’t like him. The other Story says that the girl was sister of king.and the another story says soldiers attack to tower so the princess scape from the Tower and suicide and fall into Caspian sea and these stories are found in Azerbaijan’s poem and stories.

The address of the Maiden Tower: Azerbaijan, Baku, Centre of city.

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