How to rent an apartment in Baku

How to rent an apartment in Baku

Booking an apartment, villa or house in Azerbaijan_Baku

Accommodation in the trip is one of the most important point that we program for it when we want to go to travel.
Renting an apartment or a suit is one of the options that passengers think about it for relaxing there. according to Baku GALAXY travel company several years activity about booking the hotel, renting an apartment in Baku, a suit and Villa in the Azerbaijan ‘s other cities and giving service to tourism and passenger in Azerbaijan and by analysing the feedback of tourism about the reservation that we have done for them in Azerbaijan we have some tips to help you about renting an apartment in Baku here.

How to rent an apartment in Baku

In this text we try to share our experience and useful information about booking a suit in Baku or renting a cheap Villa in the other cities of Azerbaijan. After reading this text you get familiar with the benefit of renting an apartment in Baku and the points that you should put in notice for renting a house in Baku and finally you can make decisions carefully and more information about renting an apartment or a suit in Baku so be with Galaxy travel.

The reasons for renting an apartment or a house in Azerbaijan_Baku

According to recent flashing raising of tourism numbers to Azerbaijan Specially form Mosle Arabic countries and also around the and also around the Persian Caspian like Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatari, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon to enjoy the travel it ‘s better to have reservation in advance.

The advantage of renting an apartment in Baku.

We can mention some advantages of renting an apartment in Baku to hotel reservation like cultural issues,convince for cooking,no limitation for going out and coming.of course the main reason of renting a suit in Baku is an accommodation expanse if you compare the price of renting an apartment in Baku to hotel reservation in Baku you will see that it’s less than half.To be honest although renting a house in Baku is really cheap but the time that you’re reserving if you don’t have enough information and be careless about it maybe you reserve a hotel with low quality and poor service.

The other reason of renting an apartment in Baku is convenience and access to city center of Baku.If you make a correct decision and choose a hotel in the right location you will have the best convenient Hotel compared to70%of other hotels for example when you are reserving cheap suit in Baku try to be located near to Negate street, Rationing neighborhood,28mall

Near to28 mall,near to Bolivar or Nezami subway which have easy access to Boulder Park Qiz Qalasi, Winter Park Inherit shah and etc.

|Qiz Qalasi

And also when you are reserving and apartment in these area you should be be careful about some options.For example the Targoy neighborhood in Baku more famous than has cobble pavement for walking and also it is a great and amazing place Whit mall ,shop,coffee,Bar,restouren and other facilities but beside these charming and beautiful buildings it has also old buildings Whit old stairs and elevator don’t give a good feeling to tourism although some of Targoy buildings are renewed.

The options that should be noticed when you are reserving an apartment.

How to rent an apartment in Baku

For renting a cheap apartment in Baku or renting a villa in Baku or other cities in Azerbaijan (specially in Baku) you should be careful about these points.

Access to city center and the minimum usage of taxi (to save money and time)

The quality of _apartment(cleanliness,the kitchen facility,numbers of bathroom and etc)

The apartment’s facility such as elevator and cleanliness stairs

Be sure about commitment of the company or the person who gave you offers about the apartment in the Case of renting it in advance

security of building and hotel although Azerbaijan is a safe country and it has kind and friendly people.

Galaxy travel is trying to:

Give you renting an apartment or a villa service in advance in Baku

Be honest with reservation progress(real picture of apartments and correct location in the Google Map before reservation

paying reservation by customer in advance to make the passenger comfortable and prevent wasting time.

Free airport transportation(in the case you stay more than5 days

asking for room service if you want but it cause expanse

We offer the best service to our tourism in Baku tour and wish you amazing travel.

Be in touch with our expert and for more information about renting a Luxury apartment .




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