Education in the Azerbaijan

الدراسة في اذربيجان

Education in the Azerbaijan

During the last Years Azerbaijan republic country has remarkable improved in different realm. one of them is related to education and this country’s university that cause many people from different countries travel to Azerbaijan

Dispatching the student to Azerbaijan has special rules that should be more information be with Galaxy travel.

Rules of sending out the student to the Baku_Azerbaijan for education

To education in Azerbaijan republic at first you should know everything about residence rules of this country and also the entrance rules of origin country before emigration(in order to not to break the rules)

Out standing university in Azerbaijan republic are:

Baku state university
Oil state academe of Azerbaijan republic
Baku music academe
Caspian university
Azerbaijan technical university
Qafqaz university
Medicine university
Mira FathAlikhan language Institute

To have more free information about education condition and dispatching student to Azerbaijan you can be in touch with Galaxy travel ‘s expert.

Medicine and dentist university in BAKU

Education in the Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan republic has one of the biggest medicine university

AMU_Azerbaijan medicine university is one of the outstanding medicine university in Azerbaijan republic which contains (General practitioner,Pediatrician,Dental,Military medicine and Pharmacy)
This university is built in1930 and more than8000 international students are studying in medicine and dental university in Azerbaijan right now.

MBBS education degree of medicine and dental university of Azerbaijan republic:
Medicine education expense in Azerbaijan republic
Tuition:4000 to5000$
Education length:6Years
State:MCI:(university conform the list of MCI)

Right now more than1200 international students from21different countries are undergraduate in this university.This university has a hospital and teaching medicine and dental in Azerbaijan republic is based on MBB education system in Azerbaijan republic.

The universities under WHO that is in+B grade for sure are the best for foreign students.

Education expense in Baku

Tuition for first year: 3000$
Tuition for second to fourth year: 4000$
Tuition for fifth to sixth year: 5000$

Science and dental students for studying in Azerbaijan should can speak Turkish,Russian and English.
In the case that you send your documents and education degree you can participate in the language course which are related to university ‘slanguage

Working permission in Azerbaijan republic:

Students can work 30_35hours during the week to earn money.
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