Baku roof

Baku roof

The Baku roof is one of Baku’s most unique tourist destinations. As the name of this city shows this city is located in the highest part of the Baku city the roof of Baku considering that the city of Baku is known as the city of winds, do not forget to wear warm clothes while going to the roof of with Galaxy Travel to to give you more information about Baku’s roof.

Baku roof

Information about Baku.

Baku is at the highest point of Baku. Going to the roof of Baku In addition to the city of Baku, the Caspian Sea is also in your sight and you will see a super-beautiful and pleasing view.
This place is a good place to enjoy the sunset and take some photos of friendly memories. If you enjoy longwalking dont miss the roof of Baku.
Modern and stylish buildings, the Caspian Sea, flame towers, the old and tourist area of The city of Ichi city, together, on the roof of Baku, portrays beautiful landscapes, especially at night.

By viewing these centers and landscapes, different era of ancient Baku will be exhibited. Islamic era (ancient mosque), Soviet era (monument to the hero of the Soviet Union) and the future era (three skyscraper)

Baku roof’s ways

Baku roof

There are 3 ways to go to the roof of Baku. You can choose one of them according to your physical condition, time and your tast .
1- Stairs that continue along the coastal park to the top of the Baku roof. If you get tired of climbing the stairs you can stop along the way and rest and continue the route to the roof of Baku again.

2- Paying a couple of manat (the Azerbaijani currency), get to the top of Baku in a few minutes by train and see Baku city and the Bay of Baku along the path from another view and enjoy this tourist attraction of the Baku tour.

3- And aiso you can take a taxi and be at the Baku roof very easy.

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