Baku city tours

جولة حضریة باكو

Baku city tours with Galaxy Travel.

Baku city tour is One of the Galaxy travel ‘s service. It ‘s a good option for strolling around the city for hours in Azerbaijan_Baku.the aim of this tour is to introduce Azerbaijan_Baku to tourism and passenger. if you would like to reserve Baku city tour please contact with the numbers that are available in the site and use the Galaxy travel ‘sfree and professional expert team.
In this Tour you will see the worth sightseeing center of Baku with our professional with us to give you more information about details.

Why do you choose Galaxy travel ‘s Baku city tours

If it’s your first time to choose spend your holiday in Baku for sure you get some information about sightseeing center of Baku by surfing in the if you want to go these places you need exact address and undoubtedly during the day you will have a meal in the restaurant that you should have exact information about its quality and price and distance between your hotel and the restaurants beside the fare of public transportation which take time and be patient and surf in the internet to get information or ask the local people if you can speak Turkish if not so it will be a problem.

Tourism tour of Baku City with Galaxy travel team solves all of these problems for to in order to you have unforgettable travel in Baku.
No matter where are you from and what ‘s your nationality when you are in Azerbaijan Tour or Baku tour a skillful leader who can speak English,Turkish,Persian,Arabic and Russian Will be with you.the leader who is reallyfamiliar with history of Azerbaijan_Baku will show you sightseeing center of the city and give you all the information about its history and all the interesting stories about there.

The wonderful and well-known Baku ‘s tourism Center:

Heydar Aliyev Center where it’s famous for the unique architect by outstanding architecture Zara.

Baku roof which has great view of Baku City and Caspian sea that is great view to have memorable photo.

Maiden tower is a history place in Baku that related to12 century which there are different story about it and also it ”s magnificent architect attracts tourist.
Martyrs street is an important street for Azerbaijan ‘s people because they bury martyrs in this street and they have special respect to this street.

Baku ‘s old city and Shirvan shah palace are symbol of architect and history of Baku by visiting these places you will get more information about the history of Shirvan sha h era up-to now.

The points that you should put in notice in city Tours:

City tour in Baku starts11am to 4 pm and we provide transportation facility for tourists. Benz for7person and Van for 17 person and also lunch in a great restaurant is up on Galaxy travel company.
And also another points are about suitable shoes and clothes for a long walking it’s better to choose sport shoes and sport clothes for strolling around the Baku city.

To reserve a city tour contact with our expert in Galaxy travel.


For knowing more about tourism attraction in Baku city that you will go and see in Galaxy travel ‘s city tour click on the below pictures

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